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My Collection

This blog post is just gonna be a bunch of(poor quality) photos of stuff from my collection. If you got no interest in seeing that, click out now, cuz that's what it's gonna be!

I kinda wanna do this just to have an archive of what I've got. I might even update it later on when I get a significant more things.

This is my collection of anime, manga, video games, figures, posters, doujins, consoles, and what have you. Here we go!

Please forgive spots of dirty and what have you, it'd been a bit since I've cleaned up and I didn't feel like doing it now. I know I really should have before taking pictures but whatever man.

That's my main consoles. My PS2/3/4 and my Wii. And my PS4 controller with my nice Persona 5 decals. This is my first PS3 and 4, and wii, but this is probably the 4th or 5th PS2 I've had.

There's my GameCube, about my 3rd I think. My first SNES however, and it's not the one I had when I was a kid or anything. I got this pretty recen…