[Review] DLC - Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind

I shelled out the money to get Re:Mind, like some kind of idiot! Here are my thoughts.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind is equal parts game update and DLC, when you buy the DLC you don't get any downloads really, all it does it let you access it, the actual DLC is part of the 1.09 update, which includes graphics enhancements.

First off, I had an issue with this where I ended up needing to reset my licenses, which I only figured out to do from a reddit post from someone who had the same issue. It was marked as "purchased" and said it was installed, but there was no new addition to the main menu after installing the update. When I went to the add-ons section through the in-game PS store option, it just said "this content cannot be accessed at this time", or something like that, and I just couldn't do anything. This is bullshit and I don't know whose fault this is, but I almost wasted 30 dollars. Well, I mean I still kinda did but I'm getting ahead of myself…

Game of The Year 2019 - Gamers Rise Up

It's time once again to award various games with awards and tell you which one is the best, because we live in a society... that likes to give opinions and put good things on pedestals so as to not reward failure.

If you can't tell I don't know how to start top 10 lists and "of the year" posts I just don't fucking know how. Do you know how bad it feels to have these shitty opening lines every time? How is anyone supposed to get into reading this if I can't have a good introduction? I'm decent at introducing reviews I think but stuff like this I just suck at. Why am I so terrible? Is it inherent, or am I not trying hard enough?

Uh, well, whatever, let's just start already okay?

So first off I'll talk about some games I didn't get to play from 2019 that I wanted to or was at least a little bit interested in.  This is in no particular order here

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: I wanted to play this but I think something came out around the same tim…

Anime of The Year - Awards and Stuff!

Greetings, it is time once again. I have emerged from my mysterious and dank cave, as I do once every year, to bring you my thoughts on the Japanese Animations I have viewed whilst holed up in the deepest depths of the earth. Please do not speak to me, for I am not used to human contact.

As always I watched a lot of anime this year, I'm not gonna go over all of them but mention the most notable ones giving them awards, and then announce the top 3 anime of the year. Are you ready? Here we go! Let's PAAAARTY! PUT YA GUNS ON!

First and foremost, the easiest one:

Best Still Airing Show:

Chihayafuru Season 3

Do I need to explain it? It's Chihayafuru! A great series that I started watching I believe early this year, or maybe late last year, in preparation for this 3rd season. Chihayafuru is a josei(a series meant for adult women) about a girl named Chihaya trying to become the Queen of Karuta and lead her Karuta team to victory. What's Karuta? Well, technically, karuta are ju…

Game of the Year - Old Games of the Year

Hello everyno-one! It's me, that guy! I'm gonna tell you about some video games.

Before I do my game of the year post, I think I'll do a separate one for the games I played this year that were NOT released this year. Normally I do a part where I talk about the old games I played, but I think this time it might be a bit too cluttered if I do that. So instead, here's this other post about what I played when I wasn't playing new releases.

First off I THINK I played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past this year, really early in it. I'm not 100% sure, but if it was last year I probably would have mentioned it there. I really enjoyed it, it was pretty fun. I did pretty much everything aside upgrading my arrows and bombs to max, though I followed a guide for most of the hidden stuff. This definitely was a good and classic game that I woulda loved playing if I was an SNES kid. I still think my favorite Zelda is Twilight Princess though, but this could be a close se…