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[Review] FANART - The Worst Thing in Existence

This image exists here so that the main attraction won't be the preview imagine for this post. Wouldn't wanna spoil it! Also? Pic's kinda related.

This is what this post is about. Look at this thing. Soak it in. You thought Smokey Quartz was bad? No, there's much worse. Ho. Lee. Shit. Oh my fucking GOD. I wanna die when I see this. I honestly actually want to die. Can you even tell what this is? It's supposed to be the characters of Undertale but human. I dunno if you can even call some of these human. That's not me being racist I legitimately am not sure if some of them count as human. I'm gonna go over all the reasons this is shit.

1. First and foremost if it wasn't for the color of their clothing you'd never know who these were supposed to be. Here, I proved it poorly with MSPaint real quick:

There. Look at that. If you saw that but with less shitty color and not obviously paint bucket-ed, would you know who these people are supposed to be? Noti…