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UNDERTALE is Coming to PS4, Sometime This Summer

That's right folks! Is your computer powered by mice running on a treadmill? Don't have a steam account and don't wanna buy it from humble bundle? Maybe you just can't use computers but somehow use a PS4? Whatever it may be, soon you can play Undertale on your PS4 or PS Vita! And I guess PC still also but whatever.

All editions come with a nice little 24-page booklet drawn by that annoying chink Temmie Chang! The special edition comes with the OST, Sheet Music of 6 songs(oh, okay), a recreation of the Heart Locket that even says "best friends forever" on it and plays that song, and a nice collector's box!

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[Review] Western Animation: Steven Universe Seasons 3 & 4, or "How to Mess Up a Good Thing"(Spoilers, you clod!)

Prepare yourself for Autism.

Part One: Prologue.

Looking back on Season 1 of this show, I've come to the realization that it really isn't that good. It has a very rough start, like I mentioned. The show only really gets good around episode 26, halfway through the series. I said that I didn't really mind that much, because I enjoyed all the slice of life type filler episodes. This remains true, but people are right when they say it takes a long time for the show to become the show people are so obsessed with. My favorite episode of Season 1, the one that made me go "Yeah,  I'm hooked. I wanna see where this show and its characters go.", was "Rose's Scabbard", which also fully cemented Pearl as my favorite character. Guess which episode that is? 45. Episode Forty-fucking-Five. You know the episode where Garnet sings her cool ripoff of Just the Two of Us and kicks in the shit of a buff orange bulldyke before crashing a ship into the earth? That'…