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Anime: Stuff that I Dropped(general impressions)

I'm gonna "review" some anime I dropped that I didn't like. I'll explain why I stopped watching it and why I got as far as I did. Basically, this is an overview of what I saw.

Chaos;Head - 5/12
What is this even?!

Neptune Anime - 5/12

Coppelion - 5/13
It started off pretty good but eventually if devolved into complaining about nuclear power and how it's bad and will destroy the planet, melodramatic bullshit, and just an overall messiness to it. The characters were perfectly fine at first, but as time went on it was clear that while they may develop, they will not grow. This is a problem because of the fact that the only all that competent one is the main girl, Ibara. This is the kind of show in which characters need to have arcs, you can't rely on backstory and focusing on them for an episode or two to make them work. And there wasn't even much of that from what I saw. The characters thus end up coming of…