Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anime: Stuff that I Dropped(general impressions)

I'm gonna "review" some anime I dropped that I didn't like. I'll explain why I stopped watching it and why I got as far as I did. Basically, this is an overview of what I saw.

Chaos;Head - 5/12
What is this even?!

Neptune Anime - 5/12

Coppelion - 5/13
It started off pretty good but eventually if devolved into complaining about nuclear power and how it's bad and will destroy the planet, melodramatic bullshit, and just an overall messiness to it. The characters were perfectly fine at first, but as time went on it was clear that while they may develop, they will not grow. This is a problem because of the fact that the only all that competent one is the main girl, Ibara. This is the kind of show in which characters need to have arcs, you can't rely on backstory and focusing on them for an episode or two to make them work. And there wasn't even much of that from what I saw. The characters thus end up coming off kind of bland, and poorly characterized. This tends to make their actions seem unbelievable. Also... this thing is fucking overbearing, overwrought, and just plain pretentious. It gives some lip service to a philosophical discussion about "being human", but just kinda brushes that aside to wag it's finger at nuclear power. Fuck man. 3/5 because it's got good direction and action, and because it looks fucking gorgeous with those backgrounds, and because I DO like some of the themes it BRIEFLY touched upon.

Gulty Crown - 13/22
Oi... I enjoyed this riiiiight up until the fairly interesting plot just fucking derailed and became incredibly ridiculous and melodramatic, dragging down character quality(of which, in retrospect, there wasn't much of) down with it. That's all I have to say about that. 2/5 because everything other than plot and characters was good. Especially the Supercell OPs.

Sunday without God - 3/12
The worst pacing in anything ever, stilted animation, and terrible execution: The Anime.

Marimite - 1/12
So, damn, boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Nobunaga the Fool - 9/24
It was fun, but 24 whole episodes of this show? No. 3/5

OreImo 2 Specials

Xenosaga - 4/12
This one I'm probably too harsh on. I don't like it because it seemed like pretty lousy adaptation of the game's story. I don't remember it too much, because I got it back when ADV still licensed things, but I do remember thinking it was, so it probably is. Also, there's this weird noticeable, and distracting, dip on everoyne's chin. I give it 2/5

Samurai Flamenco - 4/22
It started off kind of interesting. A crazy dude wants to be a super hero because he watched old Kamen Rider-esque shows when he was younger. Also, a police officer who thinks it's a bad idea is involved(and there is bromance). So he goes out to stop punks from loitering(truly the height of justice) and gets his ass kicked. He does several other things, all of which are video taped, making him a big Youtube star. It was fun, but it started to get dumb. He got involved with this chick who dressed up in her own costume and became his sidekick(only she stole all the thunders. ALL OF THEM). I just didn't like the way it was going and would have preferred, well... something else. Oh, and the only female character who wasn't a bitch or crazy was a demure wallflower girl. I won't claim "hurr it's sexist durr" but I still don't wanna watch a show where a large focus is on a self-centered attention whore. Especially not for... 22 episodes?! What? Not even if it had gone in the direction I'd liked it to would it hold up for that long.

Accel World - 19/24
For the most part Accel World wasn't really bad, but after a certain point I got tired of it. The characters don't have much to them and their development is very half-assed. Especially the Haruyuki's which mainly consists of him being a baby who doesn't believe in himself, then having something that makes it so he can and then win... over and over. I don't get it, each arc he reverts back to normal so he can have character growth again! The hell?! And then of course, the plot feels like it's not gonna go anywhere, I was 5 eps away from the end and they were no closer to winning and finding out the secret of the game than when they started. I only give it 2/5 because everything other than the plot and characters was pretty good. Overall, it's an okay battle shounen anime, basically. Which means it's below average, actually.

What sucks most about Accel World is that it actually had promise. The stalemate between the different factions because they feared mutual defeat(and thus, losing the ability to play), was really interesting and compelling. They're all playing a game they're meant to win, but won't try to win because they could lose. I also love the idea of the low self-esteem kid learning to be strong and gaining confidence in himself, because of an older person which he looks up to's guidance. I wonder what that reminds me of, hmmm...*cough, core gurren lagann concepts, cough*

It's too bad it throws all that out the window because of the shit I mentioned, and uses it's interesting setting for a battle shounen! At least there's none of that "die in the game, die in real life" shit like in SAO!