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[Review] Anime: Pupa

Oh dear lord.

This is going to be a very different review. I don't usually think you can review something that you haven't finished, because you don't know all it's parts and thus cannot critically analyze it. However, I doubt what I do is critically analysis anyway and this show if fucking abysmal and doesn't deserve to be finished. Plus, I'm pretty sure nothing it did after the stuff I saw could possibly save it. At all. It's a a piece of shit... no, wait. Shit has more usage than this show. You can use it as fertilizer. This show is an old rusted car part, it serves no purpose other than looking grungy.

A little backstory. I wasn't going to watch this, and I'm glad I didn't until now. However, today was the day I go to anime club. I'm not a college member but apparently it's okay to join anyway. Recently most people have been busy, so few showed up. About half-way through, me and a couple other guys were the only ones left so we just …