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It Should Be Noted

It should be noted that I am just barely objective in my evaluations. That's because I don't think one can be truly objective. Two people can be objective about something and come up with different opinions, meaning they weren't really objective. To be objective about something subjective(I.E. anything you can form an opinion on), means that you have to not judge it at all. You would merely state it contents. So called "objective qualities" for things like films and books are really subjective qualities that have been agreed upon as being important to evaluation and quality. While I sometimes take these qualities into account, I mostly rate things based on how much I enjoyed it. Though, if these things are bad, it will likely make me dislike whatever it is. For example, Guilty Crown's story and characters were very poor, so I stopped watching it. I only give it a 3/5 because it's designs, visuals, and music were all pretty good.

It should be noted that I …