Sunday, September 29, 2013

Anime: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

Now, let's take a look at an anime I don't feel ashamed of liking and giving the score I gave it.

Yes, I finished watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S(for sisters and also second season), and it was glorious. For all intents and purposes, it's better than the first season. Better story, better action, better music, better character development, and also better animation. It was this show that allowed the Railgun series to become my #1 anime. Allow me to tell you why!

The story goes like this: During the second half of Misaka Mikoto(our Main Character)'s summer vacation, she gets dragged into yet another mystery. Judgement has been getting tons of reports of cash cards in envelopes lying around in alleyways. Mikoto doesn't think much of this, but when she overhears some punks talking about the culprit, she follows them to said culprit's hideout. The culprit, a very odd girl in a lab coat, mentions something about her being "The Original"(she's a pepper!), which sparks(geddit) her interest. It causes her to recall strange rumors she's heard about "Clones of a Level 5", and more specifically, that those clones are of her. As you should have learned from the first season: All rumors in Academy City are true in some way. Mikoto is caught up in this strange mystery, and will enter into a fight for her life, and for the lives of those known only as "The Sisters".

The story is great because of just how deeply it effects the heroine, and how it effects those around her. It is a very sad tale, filled with regret, anger, and despair. It's very unlike the first season on the surface, being much darker for the first arc. Underneath, however, it is eerily similar(in a good way). A good thing to remember is both the mindset of Kiyama Harumi, and Therestina Lifeline, as both of those come into play. The first is subtle(less so if you read the manga), but the second is directly addressed in the second arc. It deals with a little girl named Febri and how she ties into the first arc, and it ends with a fantastic finale. While it has it's problems and isn't as good when compared to the first, it's still pretty good. Even with things such as the poor characterization of the antagonists in it and the unnecessary appearance certain people. The plot as a whole is also very well paced, and has very interesting themes. It has plenty of character moments that are both heartwarming and interesting, so they're just enjoyable to see. Not to mention, if you haven't seen the first season you can still get into this one. Everything is explained in a non-overbearing way, and the first episode reintroduces the characters and setting. It's something that is highly compelling, somewhat thought-provoking at times, and overall very good. The only real problem I have is that it feels less cohesive than the first season, as in the first it all felt like one whole story arc told semi-episodically, but in this there is a clear divide between arcs especially because both are each one continuous plotline. It does make up for this however in pretty much all other areas. Also, the last episode may require a bit more suspension of disbelief than normal, which might be a problem for many.

The characters are the same as before, with some new ones showing up(most of which take antagonistic roles). However, there is something different about them this time. I mentioned that, while the character development didn't amount to all that much last season, the characters and were still good and highly endearing. Railgun was good in regards to character building, by showing things like backstory, character interactions, and simple small things that helped give you more info on their character. However, I think that Railgun S is much better, having more and better character building moments. Mikoto has a much bigger and longer character arc as well. Learning more about a certain experiment and having some pretty shitty things happen to her, she begins a downward spiral. However, when the second arc rolls around, she starts to feel much better and reflects on what she's learned, allowing her to become a person willing to accept other people's help, and accept that they're willing to help even if it's dangerous. It's really good. A certain someone(or should I say, someones?) also changes, becoming able to value their life, and the chain reaction for the antagonist's change into the character he is now in Index starts here. In addition, there are also scenes that focus on new aspects of characters, such as a side of Kuroko one doesn't often see, and more of Uiharu's surprisingly stalwart side we got to see at the end of the first season. There is a good deal of character growth in this season, and it's wonderful. I don't think anyone goes away without learning a lesson. Except for Touma. Touma cannot change, learn, or grow. Touma is a constant. Anywho, Character = Good. The only problems I have with the characters are the things I mentioned in the plot evaluation. The main antagonist and his cohorts in the second arc were not focused on enough to be all that compelling and we are expected to either despise or sympathize with them as usual, but I really did neither. Again, however, it makes up for this by developing and/or giving character growth to the other characters.

Animation! Yes, the animation is a bunch better. The backgrounds are highly detailed and help set the tone for scenes. They're almost part of the story itself. The character animations are also a lot better, with more dynamic...ness? to them. Action animation has also taken a step up, with some very lovely and tense fights(feat. Explosions), with the last episode being the best. Animation isn't the best I've ever seen or anything, but it's pretty damn good. And hell, the overall quality of the art is just great, probably one of the most pleasing to look at of 2013.

Music too, is a lot better. Where as few pieces stuck out in Railgun, plenty of pieces stick out in S. In fact, a good amount of the story's impact can be attributed to the music. It's very good, with a few more melancholic pieces, and to contrast some good electronic beats. The music that plays during the "Bridge Scene" is especially good, and way better than the song in Index's version of that scene. The OPs and EDs are also great, with the second OP, Eternal Reality, being my favourite so far. EDIT: As it turns out, the first season had plenty of good tracks. In fact, some of the notable ones in S are from the first.

Overall: Railgun S is a great anime. It brings Railgun up from a simple popcorn anime(to be totally fair, that is what the first season was), to something that is trying to be a good character drama, and is very much succeeding. I really hope we get a third season, but if not, this is certainly a good one to stop with. It has both a darker tone, and yet an even more hopeful attitude than the first season(though, that won't be apparent until after the first arc ends), and really does feel just plain good. It fully cemented the Railgun series as one of my favorite Sci-fi series, and Misaka Mikoto as one of my favorite characters. Even if that second arc is kinda questionable. I really can't stress enough how good this is, and how much I love it. Here's hoping for another season! If what I've said sounds good to you, please do watch this show. If you haven't seen the first season, I'd also recommend watching that as well, but it's not 100% necessary.

So, without further ado, I award Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S: 5/5 clones doing the wave.

If you don't get that reference.  

EDIT: I also wanted to mention this anime's use of "Cinematography". During particularly intense scenes, the "camera" will wobble a tad(I noticed this first during the scene where Mikoto attempts to fire her Railgun at a certain someone). There is also a scene in which quite fitting music plays and the "camera" moves in a sweeping motion from the perspective of Mikoto and the person she is looking at. It's a fantastically directed scene I think. Also, during the serious parts of the first arc, mostly those where Mikoto is alone, the "shot" is close and constrained. The color of these scenes is also darker. During the lighter scenes, mostly those in the second arc, the "shot" is farther out and more relaxed, and the color is lighter. This makes a great contrast, and works great. There are plenty of other really great "shots". Overall, what I'm saying is that it's very well directed. There need to be more anime that take advantage of being anime for great pseudo-cinematography like this. I also should mention the voice-acting in this is fantastic. Mostly Satou Rina's performance which makes it feel like she really was shook up about it all. Basically, while you may argue the quality of the story(I think it's great), you shouldn't argue the quality of the execution. It's really damn moving and emotional. Anime is of course a visual medium, and I think Railgun S is very visually appealing. More so then the first season, way more than Index, and shit ton more than JC Staff's more lazy works(you know the ones I'm talking about). 

BTW, I say it in quotations because it can't really be called cinematography or camera work as there is no camera or shots. It's all animated. But that doesn't mean you can't emulate it.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anime: Manyuu Hikenchou

Oh boy, here we go! Let's get dangerous!

I won't sit here are pretend Manyuu Hikenchou is high art or anything like that. I won't claim it's plot is actually a deconstruction, or that its a brilliant criticism of society, and I won't claim its not really crude. I will however, say that people do need to look past the shows... most obvious quality. Let me explain. I'm going to go through categories, and rate them again, because I think that'll prove my point.

Story: Boobs. Okay, 50% of the story = Summarized.
Okay, but really, boobs is half the plot. The story is set in an alternate universe where a clan, called the Manyuu, have come up with an technique to ensure large breasts(and I mean hentai manga large, people). It has become a society where women who have big tits are considered superior to those who don't. Thus, the rich more often then not are the ones with big tatas, and not the poor. When the poor do, they often get their bazongas shrunk by ninjas of the clan who use another special technique that... changes the flow of, breast chi or something, I dunno. Our heroine is tired of this bullshit, steals the scroll containing the technique, and goes off to find her mother's village to learn more about boob chi(because her mother was from a rival clan), so she can right the wrongs of her clan. The plot is, for the most part, very silly. It has some drama here and there, and is of course about an unjust caste system, but its silly and is aware of it. Some people say that its "plotless" or that it has a "shitty plot", well that's just not true. The plot isn't great, but it's not really trying to be, it's just fun. I also think that it has a nice, but very simple message: Boobs are awesome, but they aren't the most important thing. And, the girl they are attached too is always more important. It tells this message through what it sets up immediately, and by the characters. The heroine is a nice, strong woman(with plenty of room for improvement), with a sense of justice. If she had no personality, those awesome chest puppies would have been meaningless to me. There's also a character who is rich and has huge cans, but is also a total bitch. A Daimyou falls for the heroine at one point in the story, because she's got a much better personality then the shallow women in high society. It's nice, I think. Ecchi series don't often concern themselves with stuff like that. On the flipside, the story is also very funny, quite often making fun of itself and its premise. It's harder to go into that, but the majority of the story is boob related, and sometimes yuri related, jokes. If you want something to laugh at, it'll serve that purpose, for one reason or another.  I give the story a 3/5 for having a coherent yet silly narrative, and keeping with its themes very well(even if those themes, are silly), but also because the serious parts may be hard to take seriously, and because it's not really that fantastic of a plot.

Characters: They're pretty good. I realize that if I say "They get development", someone will likely think "yeah, once per episode, in her chest area!". And yeah, the majority of Manyuu Chifusa, our heroine's development is her boobs. You see, Chifusa has an odd ability where instead of shrinking breasts when uses the technique, she actually steals them. It's a weird and silly thing dealing with the breast chi stuff, but I don't care because seeing her boobs grow is awesome, fuck you. Chifusa actually does get development. She learns more about herself, her mother, and her powers. She also becomes a better warrior, who beats a character she was terrified of when she first met her. She has a character arc. When is the last time you saw one of those in a show like this? Exactly.

Her companion for the journey, is Kaede. Kaede gets a bit of character development to, but doesn't have much of a character arc. She joins Chifusa after being kicked out of the clan for refusing to attack Chifuse after she steals the scroll. She doesn't seem to blame Chifusa for it, in fact she seems to really like Chifusa... a bit too much. Her main role in the series is to work in lesbian jokes, and maybe grope Chifusa's chest. That said, she does have other purposes, such as a friend for Chifusa, and much clearer goal for her as well. See, Chifusa wants to learn to control tit energy so she can give Kaede her boobs back, after they got shrunk by Chifusa's sister. A goal like "save the world" is fine, but heroes need something smaller and more specific than that. Kaede provides that. Over time she seems to come to terms with her lack of chest, mostly due to one episode in particular where the meets a guy who likes DFCs. She's a fun character overall, and gives Chifusa someone to do a Tsukomi/Boke routine with.

There is also the rival character, but I won't talk too much about her because that'd spoil some interesting things. Let's just say she's important to Chifusa's past, and gives her a reason to get stronger.

There are several other side characters, all of whom are pretty interesting in their own ways. I give the characters 4/5. They're pretty basic in terms of how they are fleshed out, and their roles, but it works in this series.

Animation and Sound: The animation is very nice. It's not great, and the actions scenes are actually pretty disappointing, but it could be much worse. It could be Ikki Tousen level. Hoods Entertainment knows how to draw sexy girls, I'll give them that. The boobs are rightfully drawn well, they don't really have that "suspiciously round" look and really seem more like larger versions of real boobs. Everything about it is good and not bad, but that's about it. 3/5. Sound... honestly, aside from the OP I can't even remember much about the soundtrack. 1/5 I guess. The OP is seriously amazing though. It's like it's from an entirely different show. I suppose it sums up the serious portions of the show pretty well, but what it doesn't tell you is... everything else.

Overall: Well, I'd say it's a good show. It's enjoyable, and if you look past the premise the plot is fine. I honestly don't see much wrong with the plot, besides it's silliness. This probably because it's very simple as a story, not trying to do much at all, and not really taking risks. But I give it points for being a much more plot focused show than most ecchi anime, and having characters who aren't 2 Dimensional. Sure they're just barely 3 Dimensional characters, but it works fine I'd say. Most complaints you can throw at it and be correct about, are things that it already knows. It may not be best to turn your brain off entirely for this series, but you shouldn't expect something highly intelligent. That said, I did find it at least a little thought provoking. Yeah, that thought was "Yeah, we probably shouldn't hold boobs in such high regard", which was something I already thought, but some people need to be told that(you know who you are). It may seem hypocritical to make show that's subtext is "breasts aren't a big deal"(c wat eye did thar?), when it's full of big old titties and breast expansion, but I think what the author(of the manga at least) means is that we shouldn't be shallow about it. Liking this kind of stuff is fine, but putting that above all else isn't. That's why I think the series actually focuses more on breast related comedy and its characters, than just breasts in general. Half the fanservice is of the comedic variety. Maybe that's just me looking into it too much, but I'm pretty sure that's why it's set up the way it is. But hey, maybe I'm wrong? Maybe the reason Chifusa's goal is to give the poor women big boobs, is because the author thinks boobs are important and every woman should have big ones. If that's the case, that's better than some people. I used to frequent an anime boobs focused board. Someone posted pages from doujin that had pretty much the same premise. One guy commented on one page where a flat chested girl was being bullied by a busty knight, and he basically said she deserved it for having no boobs. That's being shallow right there.

I'm rambling now, so I'm gonna sum up. It knows what its doing, obviously, which is good but the show really isn't fantastic. If you aren't like me, you won't enjoy it I'm sure. It's very niche, and I'm sure that half the audience for it is only watching it for its boobs. That's fine and all, but I do think it was trying to tell us something, amidst its silliness. It's a show that might be hard to watch, but if you can get past the initial episodes where the most ridiculous stuff happens, you might find something nice. I like it for being an ecchi anime that tries to be a bit more than just eye candy. It is sad that it's much less in terms of everything else

I should give the show a 3/5... but I'm not going to. This score is my personal opinion, and if you disagree, fine. 4/5 big fat tats flopping around! Final Score! There are several reasons for that, but I just like it. It really is a 3/5 Average show, but I just don't want to give it that. So there!

EDIT: Oh god, I wrote "the girl attached to" instead of "the girl they are attached to". That makes my whole argument sound hypocritical. Changed it. Yeah, I don't like characters who are boobs attached to female bodies and nothing else.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Doujin Game: To Aru Pantsu no Railgun

To Aru Pantsu no Railgun, which I guess translates out to "A Certain Pants of Railgun"(?), is a fun little action game created by Werk.

It's basically a megaman clone. You play as the heroine of A Certain Scientific Railgun, Misaka Mikoto, as she attempts to reclaim what has been taken from her. There are 4 levels, each consisting of a 2 stage boss fight, with 4 Railgun characters. You can jump and shoot, just like megaman, When you beat a level, a new skill is unlocked. After Level 1, you can do a Lv. 1 Charge Shot, and after Level 2 you can do a Lv. 2 Charge Shot and a Dash, etc. The only problem is, since it's all boss fights, once you get the full Railgun attack you only have one more level to use it on. It's really awesome, so it's a shame. Everything pauses for a second while Mikoto flicks a coin in the air and shoots her mutha-fuckin' Wave Motion Cannon at whatever is in it's path. All in all, the game is fun and worth playing. It's also pretty difficult, what with Mikoto being a glass cannon and all.

The story is simple: Kuroko has decided to steal Mikoto's underwear and shorts for... some reason(Kuroko Logic: Don't try to make sense of it). So she goes off to find her and get them back. She runs into various characters, some who have somehow been corrupted by Kuroko and are now aiding her in her quest to humiliate Mikoto. The plot is very silly, with lots of in-jokes here and there as well(such as one about Uiharu's voice actress). Basically, this is a big treat for any fan of the Railgun series, and you won't be able to understand it unless you're one too.

The characters are the same characters from Railgun, though somewhat simplified and silly. OOC here and there, but only for comedic purposes, such as Uiharu wearing weird heart shades and attacking with the Power of Rock(*Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Guitar Riff*). You fight Saten who throws money cards and tries to ram you, Uiharu who like I said attacks with Rock, MISAKA 10032 who fights like Proto Man, a giant laser shooting security robot, and finally Kuroko who teleports around shooting projectiles and... uses the Road Roller from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? What?! But she doesn't even stop time! Oh well, whatever, it's funny.

The sprites and cut-ins are very nice, with neat animations and whatnot. The Music is also very good, though there isn't much of it. Take a listen! My favourite is the rather short jazzy piece that plays during the also short credits, and not just because Mikoto is shown carrying Kuroko piggy-back during it. Sadly, it doesn't seem to have been uploaded anywhere, so you just have to beat the game to hear it.

Overall this is a very fun little game, it's downloadable from various places and has an English patch. If you're a fan of Railgun and/or Megaman clones, give it a shot.

3.5/5 Electromagnetically Charged Arcade Coins, since it's short, isn't really outstanding, and only makes sense to fans, but is still good.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Doujin Game: Battle Moon Wars

So, let's review BMW. I have never owned a BMW, I own a Volkswagen Beatle, because they're awesome. I once owned a Chevey Impala, also.

Okay, but seriously, Battle Moon Wars.

BMW is a Super Robot Wars style game based in the Nasuverse(I.E. The works of TYPE-MOON author, Kinoko Nasu, who is one of my favourite authors).  Cutscenes are done in Visual Novel style format, with characters portraits next to dialogue boxes, and backgrounds for locations. After a scene is done, a battle will occur. In battle you have a bunch of enemies to fight and specific battle parameters, such as not letting a certain character die, otherwise Game Over. Sometimes you need to kill all enemies, or just one big tough one. Other times, the conditions might change mid battle, with a new enemy appearing. Most of the time, the main enemy is a villain from the previous stories, others a former ally. You move around the field on a grid each turn, and attack enemies. Each character has a few attacks they can do which have different ranges, and they also have different buffs they can use to increase stats temporarily. Fighting gains you experience to level up, and Battle Points and Fundamental Points to up your stats in between chapters. There also items to use, by equipping them to characters, which all do various good things. The battle animations are very nice, with the art and sprites looking good and professional. There are also little things here and there in the battle system that are best found out for yourself. You may notice I'm basically just summarizing the gameplay and whatnot. That's because there's really nothing else to say about it. If you enjoy strategy RPGs you'll enjoy it, if not you won't. I personally really like it and found it to be fun and challenging. So, moving on I guess.

The story is this: Two members of a "Youkai"(used to for a general "anything with strange powers" thing) organization, go to the town Tsukihime takes place in(Misaki City, I think) because it is becoming "Hallowed Ground", I.E. there is a lot of strange energy emanating from it. They need to find out why, and stop it. Rin Tohsaka is also headed there, hoping to find someone to help Shirou's new inorganic body after the events of Heaven's Feel. At that time, Saber is somehow summoned as well, as if a new Holy Grail War has started. She is the Servant of Kohaku, the crazy maid of the Tohno family. All these people get drawn into the mysterious happening, as people from the other stories slowly appear, even those who are 100% dead in every sense of the word. The heroes must figure it out, all while dealing with their own psychological and emotional problems. Also, there's some comedy in there to lighten things up a bit. It serves as a recap of the stories by having very similar events happen. The story is really confusing though, so that might put you off.

The characters are, well, the same characters they were in the original stories. This is a giant, non-OOC fan fiction basically. That said, there is plenty of room for character development and growth, and they do get it. There isn't much I can say without spending an eternity, since there are TONS of characters. Let's just say, the cast is hella colourful.

The music, btw, is amazing. I recommend pira- I mean, importing the soundtrack. That's all to say about that.

Basically, this game is fun. If you're a TYPE-MOON fan, it's great because it's a huge fun crossover. If you aren't, it might confuse you, but hopefully you'll enjoy it, and maybe it'll even prompt you to get into the awesomeness that is the Nasuverse. The game was made by Werk, who also made Toaru Pantsu no Railgun, a parody game for Railgun, and a fun little megaman clone(which I am going to review when I beat it, because it's hard). They did a really good job, with good artwork, programming, gameplay, and story. A translation patch for the game can be found at Seiha, and the game fully patched can be found if you look for it. Remember though, this game was released in 4 parts, so remember to get the full version. I also recommend "The Best" version, as it has new animations and music.

I give this 4.5/5 darksides forced to the surface via evil magic or insanity, that explore how even the nicest people hold hatred deep within them. Also sword fights.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scoring System

I realize it's kind of a bit too late for this, but I thought I should explain my scores.

I judge things almost entirely subjectively. I don't think one can really be objective when it comes to this sort of thing. Objective qualities are really just subjective ideas that we've come to a consensus about. For example, some critics say a certain aspect lowers the quality of something, and it's something I either don't think matters or actually rather like. People think they have objective tastes, but they don't. A critic shouldn't be someone who tells people that what they think should apply to everyone, but someone who examines something and gives their opinion on it. If you think they make a good point, agree. If you don't, then don't.

So, without further ado:

1/5 - Terrible, unwatchable/playable/readable, and just plain sad. I barely ever give this score because I tend to steer clear of things that are just plain awful.
2/5 - Had a few good aspects to it but was over all lousy. Not something I'd recommend, and it's not worth your time. I don't normally give this out either.
3/5 - Average, meh, 'sokay. This is something that did some stuff right but ultimately fell short and isn't something I'd partake in again. Worth it for the good it contains, but it's not always something I can finish.
4/5 - Good, worth it, nice. It met my expectations and succeeded in giving me something enjoyable. It's not always something I'd watch or play again, but it was good. I don't expect anything more than this out of anyone, really, but if they can they get:
5/5 - Great! Wonderful! This is something that goes beyond what I expected and was something great. It has a good chance of being partaken in again, and was done by someone who really knew what they were doing. I highly recommend anything I give a 5 to!

Now, for a basic guide on how to tell what out-of-five score I give an anime based on my MAL list. This is just in general and isn't always the case.

1-2 - 1/5
3-4 - 2/5
5-6 - 3/5
7-8 - 4/5
9-10 - 5/5

Let me also mention my criteria. What I consider when I watch/read/play things, is whether or not all the elements are enjoyable, and how enjoyable they are. Good story telling, plot, characters, and other things make books and shows more enjoyable, and good gameplay and such make games better. Other things do apply, but honestly as long as it doesn't screw up too much and can make me somewhat invested, it's guaranteed at least a 3/5.

And that's that.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

OVA: Mirai Nikki Redial

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

What was this? Why does it exist? It serves no purpose, really. All it was, was how Yuno got to the universe Yukiteru was in. Wait, no, it doesn't actually explain that part, it just shows how she got to that point. And everything in between was meaningless filler. Some of it was kind of funny, but that clashed really badly against the serious bits. There's a good way to do mood whiplash, and there is a bad way. This was the bad way.

Let me run this down for you.

First we get almost the entire last scene of the TV series(so they could reuse animation), with an added bit where Evil Murmur eats some crystal made from Yuno's body and then Other Murmur(#2 I think), and then we proceed to the OP. Now, let me just say the OP is fucking epic as always, and is one of the few good things about this thing. Sadly, none of the stuff in it even comes close to happening, and it shows a bunch of characters we never see in it(like 4th and that weird orphanage lady).

Anyway, we now cut to Yuno on the beach who experiences Deja Vu so they can reuse animation again, and everything looks slightly off-model. Like episode 4 of Gurren Lagann. There are a bunch of jokes where that Ouji guy is used as the butt monkey again(if you don't know that term, it's less dirty than it sounds), the chick from the cult is shown to be in love with Akise(too bad he's gay amirite?), but the other cult person thinks she means Ouji and it leads to a mix up and hahaha. Also, Yomotsu Hirasaka shows up again and that was fucking awesome, because he's great. Yuno looks at her diary, which is now Time Stamped and she doesn't know why. Then she starts talking to herself and eventually somehow ends up in the Akashic Record(man, if Souren Araya knew it was this easy he would have become a Yandere ages ago!).

During this time there are cuts of Deus and Murmur and that rich guy talking about how they should choose a new god since they already did the Future Diary thing in the alternate universe. The rich guy suggests some kind of monopoly-based game where rich people can spy on less rich people and they can spy on plebes. It was kind of funny, especially when Deus drops him through a trap door for being stupid.

Murmur tries to stop Yuno, but Minene fights her to let Yuno go on... for some reason, she never explains herself really. Akise also shows up to fight her and... pulls out a katana(I don't know either). But, Yuno's Crazy Fu is too much for Akise's complete lack of Bushido skill, and she defeats him. Then she makes it to the Record, and the sword turns out to be the key to it.

Now, just for a second, let me address this. You may call it nitpicking, but I think it's important. Why? Why is it the key? Why did Akise attack her with the very object that could open what he didn't want her to get into? Or rather, was told not to let her get into. If it was because he really wanted her to get in, why didn't he just give her then thing instead of wasting time(that Minene was buying Yuno) trying to fight her? I know Deus has him under his control, but Deus didn't seem to do anything when he incompetently let her get the sword/key. Did Deus actually want her to get in? If so, why not just, ya know, LET HER IN?! If the sword somehow became the key, how did that happen? GAH!

Okay, so she gets in and she finds (Not So)Evil Murmur locked up in a cage, and she now has pink hair. Why? Because she absorbed Yuno's memory of course! Which... apparently changes your hair color to that of the person whose memory you ate. Dafuq? They start crying about shit in what I think is supposed to be an emotional scene, but it isn't because who honestly gives a fuck about Murmur? Not me. Anyway, she gives Yuno the old Yuno's memories because that's a stupid thing to do. If a mass murderer has amnesia, you don't try to get them to remember their past, you try to rebuild them as a good person. Now that she remembers she's gonna go back to being a huge psycho.

She breaks into Yukiteru's dimension after they reuse a scene from the end of the anime again, and all that's added is Yuno hugging Yukiteru and saying "we still need to go look at the stars". This here is a prime example of why the ending of the anime was good. It leaves it vague. Yukiteru's Diary changes, we hear cracking sounds and "Yukii", and then we end. You know why people end stuff like that? Because it looks stupid if you continue it! And guess what? This scene was stupid as all hell. Imagine if they made an OVA for Madoka Magica where they showed the entire ending scene but then had Madoka come down from the sky or Homura break into Madoka's dimension and hug her. That'd be dumb. Now, I'm not saying Mirai Nikki is even close to being the Fucking Masterpiece that Madoka Magica was, but my point still stands I think. I have the utmost belief that the 3rd Movie will not try to explain that scene. That is because these things are best left up to the imagination. The mystery is more interesting than the answer. It is really, really hard to come up with an answer to a mystery that satisfies, unless you do something that few people will think of. Like the truth about Hinamizawa Syndrome in Higurashi, that was some crazy shit.

So, basically, what I'm trying to say is that this is a total waste of time and I don't know why I bothered watching it. There were a few good moments, so I won't call it a total failure. I'm not calling it a success either. It's shit.