Thursday, October 25, 2012

Movie: Sinister

So, I just got back from this movie.

It was pretty good. Scariest horror movie I've seen in a while, but that's not saying much. It had a few too many jump scares especially(SPOILER) at the very end, right before the credits, where ol' Sinister himself's face pops up right into the frame. I guess it was trying to be all "OH SHIT, HE'S COMIN' FER YOU NEXT!", but I think it would have been a lot better and more subtle if the left that out. Without going into too much detail about what happened, the very end is showing an 8mm video like the others, only this one is new and it slowly pans back to see some stuff happen(to tell you what it is would REALLY spoil it), and it makes it seem as if was trying to say, because you watched the movie it affects you, like at the end of The Ring. You know, like "you gotta pass it on" sort of thing only you're fucked no matter what you do. If they had left it at that it would have felt like the rest of the movie in that it didn't treat you like a total idiot. But then BOOM scary face. Yes, I get it, he's gonna get me.

But wait... does it work that way? That's something I've always wonder, especially about The Ring. Does it still work that I saw him and now he can get to me if I saw him on a film, in a film? Isn't that like, double negative? Or are the powers of some old pagan demon, which existed before movies, just good enough to penetrate BOTH recordings? Also, yeah, he's pagan. Fuck you, I know some pagans and they never worshiped child eating monsters, even in the dark ages. Their main gods are gods of sunlight and nature for fucks sake. Also, don't I need to have a family? I live by myself in an apartment and I have no kids. This might not make sense if you haven't seen the movie, but trust me, I'm pretty much exempt. Not to mention, you kinda need to live in a house that one of the victims once lived in... and I havent't. That's not a spoiler btw, if you know anything about horror movies you'll guess that.

Regardless, this movie is pretty scary and I was on edge going home.

My only problem is that it relies a lot on sound. Especially in the theater the sound during the scary parts is FUCKING BRUTAL. When Ethan Hawk's son is found in the box(not a spoiler, was in the trailer) he screams so fucking loud I had to cover my ears. I swear, the guy who runs the projector must have turned up the speakers. Also, there is a part where we almost see someone run over by a lawn mower, and right before it cuts away there is either a REALLY loud shredding noise or a music sting. And that's another thing, while this movie is scary, it uses a lot of creepy music the likes you'd see in silent hill. And while that works there, putting ominous music over some people playing catch in the back yard is doesn't. Yes, before the video even get's creepy there is scary music and MC looking all wide eyed at it. "Whoa, this common family video is amazing!". Not to mention, later there is scary music over him googling how to edit super 8 film.RIVETING! Most of the music is good and scary where it is, but others not so much.

Another thing is that it's really fucking dark. A lot. I can't see shit 80% of the time. I kept saying "dude, turn on a fucking light". There was one time the power went out but all the other times, I would have turned on all the lights I could get my fingers on. Especially later on when he actually SEES the fucking guy.

One more thing I didn't like was that he wouldn't let anyone help him. I get it sometimes, but he doesn't even ask more from the occult professor he talks to a couple times. He find the box of stuff he burns in the initial house in the house he moved to when he ran away from the monster, but he doesn't ask the prof. for help. I'd be like "man, you gotta help me, I'm pretty sure that thing you told me about is after me!".

Now, please don't read this part if you want to see the movie.

The ending was, while kinda nice, feels a little off. Now, see, they didn't win. At all. They died. He screwed up, didn't solve anything, and died. It's kind of abrupt too. All of a sudden he get's drugged and his daughter, possessed by the monster, kills him and his family and is taking away by it. Well that sucks. But, that's good right? So many horror movies are either gore fest where everyone dies, or non-gore fests where they triumph over the villains.

Well, during the whole movie we grow really attached to the character(well, I did). I liked them, I wanted them to win out in the end. The drama scenes were good and made me feel they were someone I wanted to succeed. Well, they don't, they all die. It's not scary, it's just sad. And because it was so abrupt it more felt like "hey, you like him? Well, he's dead now" and then "AND YOU'RE NEXT!".

Now, even though I complain, I did like the movie. It scared me at times, which is hard to do, made me jump(sometimes it was a cheap scare, other times it was real), and the mood and atmosphere was good. Seeing the 8mm footage was great and really creepy. In fact, seeing him on the film was scarier than seeing him in the actual movie, because he was even more obscured and looked terrifying. Like I said, the silent hill like music was good, and even though the scenes with the ghost children made me laugh a bit, and sometimes I was amazed at Ethan's incompetence, it was still enjoyable. Like I said, the drama parts were good, and the scary parts were, for the most part, scary. I'll be seeing you in my nightmares "mr. boogie". I hope you enjoy being in my mind, because it may end up that you're the one terrified. Seriously, go in the "fetish" section, I dare you.

Not to mention, this movie feels sort of like a throwback. You know how a video game will be made with modern technology but feel like and older game? Well, that's kinda how this made me feel, most of the time. Obviously, it had some of the terrible tactics modern movies have, but it had enough good old fashion horror movie tricks and cliche's that made it fun. It's also a hell of a lot better than Insidious, which was good for the first half and then they showed what the monster really looked like and it was actually hilarious. Seriously, like a demonic pedophile santa clause.

Overall, I'd give it a 3/5.