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UNDERTALE is Coming to PS4, Sometime This Summer

That's right folks! Is your computer powered by mice running on a treadmill? Don't have a steam account and don't wanna buy it from humble bundle? Maybe you just can't use computers but somehow use a PS4? Whatever it may be, soon you can play Undertale on your PS4 or PS Vita! And I guess PC still also but whatever.

All editions come with a nice little 24-page booklet drawn by that annoying chink Temmie Chang! The special edition comes with the OST, Sheet Music of 6 songs(oh, okay), a recreation of the Heart Locket that even says "best friends forever" on it and plays that song, and a nice collector's box!

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[Review] Western Animation: Steven Universe Seasons 3 & 4, or "How to Mess Up a Good Thing"(Spoilers, you clod!)

Prepare yourself for Autism.

Part One: Prologue.

Looking back on Season 1 of this show, I've come to the realization that it really isn't that good. It has a very rough start, like I mentioned. The show only really gets good around episode 26, halfway through the series. I said that I didn't really mind that much, because I enjoyed all the slice of life type filler episodes. This remains true, but people are right when they say it takes a long time for the show to become the show people are so obsessed with. My favorite episode of Season 1, the one that made me go "Yeah,  I'm hooked. I wanna see where this show and its characters go.", was "Rose's Scabbard", which also fully cemented Pearl as my favorite character. Guess which episode that is? 45. Episode Forty-fucking-Five. You know the episode where Garnet sings her cool ripoff of Just the Two of Us and kicks in the shit of a buff orange bulldyke before crashing a ship into the earth? That'…

Anime of the Year Awards 2016 Presented in 4k TruHD(TM) Part 2: Da Besto

Now that we've firmly established that 2016 was a god awful year for anime with several of the worst anime I've ever seen, and some real big disappointments as well, let's move on to showing why 2016 was a really great year for anime, with tons of surprisingly good and even great shows, and 3 whole 10/10 shows I had trouble choosing between for the top spot! Man, 2016 was a great year!

So here we go! May contain spoilers, so please read with caution:

Surprisingly Good Anime of the Year:
Phatasy Star Online 2 The Animation

What is, in essence, a commercial for PSO 2 is somehow actually a pretty good show. Not that good but still. For one thing this isn't just some story set in the PSO2 world, it's about people who play PSO2 and how the game builds important bonds and teaches them things about interacting and working together with others. I mean some weird shit starts to happen and it culminates in a crazy twist but it's totally worth it. I say check it out!


Anime of the Year Awards 2016 Presented in 4k TruHD(TM) Part 1: Za Worsto

2016 was a terrible year, because Trump won, some celebrities died, and people were super racist and sexist which never happened in any other year. The bad aspects of this year most certainly weren't things like politics becoming an enormous fucking joke because of things like this, it wasn't all of the terrorist attacks in europe(and even a couple in the states) that killed 100+ people total, and it for sure wasn't that california will bar police from arresting child prostitues, effectively legalizing child prostitution. No, no, Carrie Fisher and Prince died, a guy you don't like was elected, and like Beth totally dissed me at the party like OMG how could she say that???

But instead of an obviously sarcastic rant about le current year, how about I actually get onto talking about anime like I'm supposed to, unlike Giant Bomb when it comes to video games this year.

First off, since we're speaking about bad things of this year, let's do the obvious and discus…

[Review] Free Steam Game: Minds Eye

So about a week or so ago, I downloaded a free game from steam, called Minds Eye(sic). Now, obviously, it's a free game from steam and thus probably not good. It wasn't and I'm not bein harsh here, that's not what this is for. In fact I wanna say the guy who made this seems to genuinely want to make a good horror game and this was just a prototype. He accepted all the criticism of this game and made note of it and will probably make something less shit when he makes his actual game. So really this isn't even criticism of the game, it's not really a review.

I just wanna laugh at this thing because damn man, it is hilarious. It's not even all that bad it's just funny.

So what is this game anyway? Well it's first person walking simulator horror game. You know a rip off of PT basically. You wake up in a house and things are spooky and eventually a monster comes after you and junk. But, well, we need to take this one step at a time.

The first thing you&#…


From now on I'll be using this blog entirely and pretty much abandoning the other one. I'll probably also change the name of this one to reflect the fact that I'll be putting more than just reviews here but I dunno maybe not I'm lazy and I doubt anyone cares.

Top 10 RPGs

Hello and welcome to my list of my top 10 favorite RPGs. I decided to have it as "RPGs" in general and not specifics like turn-based, as this way I can put SRPGs(strategy role playing games) as well as non turn-based RPGs that wouldn't really count as Action RPGs.  One game per series as I could probably fill up the list with series entries.

I like RPGs, they're my favorite genre of games. Probably because the first console game I played was like, Final Fantasy 7. That influenced so many things about me, most of all my taste in games, character types, and aesthetics. Because of that, I think, I set out to try and play as many RPGs as I could. And I've played quite a lot. I bet if you made some statistics, like a pie chart or something, the majority of the games I played would fit in the RPG category, especially turn based JRPGs. So yeah, I really fucking love them. But what are my favorites? Well, that's what I'm here to tell you! Without further ado, her…